Intro & Goals

Good evening all, this is my first blog post on my first-ever blog. I am a newbie, so bear with me. Partake in enjoying my novice blogging skills. Feel free to leave tips, suggestions, critiques, or just your opinions regarding my content and ideas. Perhaps even share your own ideas. I created this blog as a “write for change” passage. Much of the change in history was and still is initiated using the spoken word. I hope to convey some sort of change, even the smallest change, or merely allow a conversation to be started.

If I could change anything about our world, it would be the American criminal justice system.

How original, huh.

I know there have been many articles, petitions, and literature created listing the problems with our criminal justice system. Even so, I feel as though those did not make as big of an impact as is needed. Don’t get me wrong, what has been suggested and done already to combat our failing criminal justice system is great, and I am not attempting to discredit anyone’s work. I am also not suggesting that this blog will change the world or outdo anyone else. I am simply adding to the literature that is already available on the topic. I want to give the perspective of a college student who will one day be an employee of our criminal justice system.

This topic means a great deal to me in particular. As stated above, I will one day be working in the corrupt machine that is our criminal justice system. I do not want to contribute to the corruption; I want to help prevent it. This is the first step in my lifetime of preventing crimes – inside and outside of the system.

It is important to me, as to many other Americans, that we have a criminal justice system in which we can truly put full faith into. We all deserve:

An unbiased criminal justice system.

A fair criminal justice system.

An understanding criminal justice system.

A criminal justice system that is not racist, sexist, or prejudice.

A criminal justice system with the goal of securing justice, not a check.

A criminal justice system that is not broken, as ours so clearly is in so many ways.

We as a people deserve those qualities and so many more. This blog will dissect the specific problems with the criminal justice system that do in fact make it broken. I will take what I have learned from my college courses as well credible sources and current events to bring to light the corruption of our criminal justice system, all in an attempt to allow my voice to be heard and make even the smallest change. I hope you will stick with me throughout my blogging journey.


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